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Slip into comfort with these fabulous FitKicks shoes that protect your feet, are non-slip, waterproof and extremely comfortable. Wear them:

  • For dance classes or at the gym – the non-slip soles keep you safe

  • At home instead of slippers

  • When travelling – they are lightweight and they fold

  • In the pool or ocean – the chlorine in your pool will not ruin them

  • For walking and exercise

  • In communal showers such as at the gym, dorm or campsite – avoid fungal infections

  • At the airport – they are absolute bliss when you are standing in line

  • When you are working at your desk – take a break from your business high heels

  • When you have foot problems or an injury

  • On the beach

In four women’s sizes (5.5-6.5) / M (7-8) / L (8.5-9.5) / XL (10-11). We also stock children’s sizes.

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