Some recent Coco Events:

Social Media Workshop for Female Entrepreneurs, 14 September 2017. See here for our post promoting the event.

Look at Me Now, September 21, 2016

Coco was proud to welcome and treat a group of women for some pampering. They came from the group Look at me now, a non-profit grassroots organization that believes all women should have the opportunity to look and feel their best. This group provides self-care services to women facing challenges like homelessness, poverty, abuse, mental health and/or addiction issues.
LAMN contacted us with the hope of that we could volunteer our services to help some of these  women feel better about themselves and leave with a renewed spirit, hope, and sense of self-worth. We were delighted to oblige and, on Wednesday from 11am to 1pm, Coco closed off regular bookings to accommodate six women: four LAMN clients together with Ellie Munn, a volunteer social worker and Sarah Glencross, a community development worker. All the women got a classic mani-pedi.

Here are some of the photos from the event.

img_1097 img_1088 img_1086 img_1085 img_1083 img_1082 img_1080 img_1079

Pampering Event May 4 2016 – watch video


tiff-tissueOn the evening of November 29, 2016 Coco hosted a great book signing event – Tiffany Platt and This Can Be Beautiful.

This is how we promoted the event

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Outside Coco before the event


the book table


Tiffany in action with her nail "mix-up"


Tiffany with Vesna, Coco's boss


Promo for event