Street view of CoCo

As Mae West might have said, "Come in and see us sometime"


Flying the flag

But we don't fill cavities!


La Grande Entrée

What you see when you come into CoCo


Best Foot First

The 3 pedicure stations



Where we do the hairstyling and makeup (on the right - chair and mirror)


Wax, thread, sugar - take your pick

We try to minimise the pain


Waxing lyrical

The supplies area of the waxing/sugaring/threading room


Get lashed or get kneaded

The lash extension/skin treatment(facials)/massage room


Get waxed, threaded or sugared


CoCo - the full Monty

From front to back but with a couple of rooms hidden


Focus on the manis

Yes, we offer free wifi and a phone charging station


Best foot forward

Our 3 pedi stations