Heather G – Dec 2018

By December 11, 2018Testimonials

I’m lucky to have had some of the best in the business apply my makeup backstage at TV shows like CHCH Morning Live and The Social (where they’ve also taught me a trick or two), but what’s a girl to do when she’s flying halfway around the world to swim with dolphins and expected to emerge from the water camera ready?

She takes a lash specialist up on her offer to give lash extensions a try. And I’m so glad I did. I went in to Coco Beauty Bar with nubby lashes and came out transformed. Co-owner and manager Vesna Rosales tells me that lash extensions are their most popular treatment. It shows.

The Coco Beauty Bar Experience

The entire process was painless and professionally done.  Lilo, my lash specialist, was a pro who took me through each step of the selection and cleaning process with such detail that I left confident that I could make them work.

Coco Beauty Bar
photos courtesy of Coco Beauty Bar

The lashes themselves? Gorgeous. I opted for the “mixed lashes” in a  comfortable thickness and length. Each lash is applied individually so the finished product looks and feels natural. The bonus: No need to apply top lid eyeliner or mascara. 

And they held up! You’ll be able to judge for yourself in the weeks to come when some new videos hit the internet airwaves.

This is an extract from Heather’s blog of December 11 2018. The full blog piece can be found here