Microblading is something I have had an interest in doing for sometime, so when doing some research on it and found a contest to win free microblading, from  CoCo Beauty Bar, how could I not enter!

When I received the message I had won I was over the moon excited!! What made it even better was they seemed genuinely just as excited for me! When I went for my appointment I was nervous but was completely taken back, as soon as I walked in I was greeted like the most important client, who was paying in full, and had been going there for years – wow.

After my four weeks and ready for my touch up they accommodated my schedule and reassured me when needing to postpone due to family issues. When I did make it in and there was a woman standing there, knew my name and welcomed my like she too had known me, what a great feeling.

I cannot say enough how thankful, amazed, and awesome getting microblading is! I have so much time now, not having to do my eyebrows every morning and no more finding the right brow make up (or dropping my expensive brow kits and ruining them!)

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