Microblading – Danielle X -June 2017

By June 11, 2017Testimonials


A lot of people are confused by the name “microblading”. To be clear, it’s not about miniature sword fighting. 

In this guest blog, Danielle Xavier explains what it’s all about


Microblading is something I have had an interest in doing for sometime, so when doing some research on it and found a contest to win free microblading, from  CoCo Beauty Bar, how could I not enter!

Although I had made up my mind to have it done something in me told me to wait, “Hey you never know you could win it in their Valentines Day Contest” I told myself.

When I received the message I had won I was over the moon excited!! What made it even better was they seemed genuinely just as excited for me! When I went for my appointment I was nervous but was completely taken back, as soon as I walked in I was greeted like the most important client, who was paying in full, and had been going there for years – wow.

After my four weeks and ready for my touch up they accommodated my schedule and reassured me when needing to postpone due to family issues. When I did make it in and there was a woman standing there, knew my name and welcomed my like she too had known me, what a great feeling.

I cannot say enough how thankful, amazed, and awesome getting microblading is! I have so much time now, not having to do my eyebrows every morning and no more finding the right brow make up (or dropping my expensive brow kits and ruining them!)


Here are my shots from my first session:

microblading a client's perspective

Microblading before and after

So some useful knowledge regarding microblading:

  • Is an extremely popular procedures among women AND men nowadays

  • Suitable for those who have make up allergies, have difficulty or no time to apply makeup

  • Very helpful for those with alopecia.

  • Can be called: semi permanent brow, embroidery, HD brows, 3D/6D eyebrows, feathering eyebrows, nano brows etc.

  • It’s a manual process of implanting pigments underneath the skin as fine and thin hairstrokes to eyebrows to achieve the desired fullness and shape.

  • The blade is formed by multiple micro needles, come with different shapes and sizes for specific skin types and results, most common types are 18 U blade, 9 12 and 14 flexy.

  • It is a tattoo but totally different from body tattoo and regular cosmetic tattoo! The pigments only go to the first layer of the skin (the epidermis) and last on average 1 year.

  • Retention and result are varies for each person and annual touch up is required to keep the shape and colour.

  • Full treatment includes the initial and 1 touch up 6 weeks after.

  • Colours for your eyebrows should not be based on hair colour since that can be changed any time. It is base on the colour of your natural eyebrows and skin tones.

  • Not everyone is a candidate for microblading. Consultation is highly recommended to ensure that your health condition/skin type and condition is good for the treatment.

  • Be honest about your health and skin conditions! Let your artist know so they can give you the best advice.

  • Healed pictures are #1 key to look for when searching for microblading artist. Ask to see healed results!

Photos showing my after touch up with Lilo 🙂

microblading - 4 weeks after - the healed view

microblading a client’s perspective

How I feel now that it’s completed for a year and I have no worries until touch up time!

Can’t recommend CoCo Beauty Bar enough for their amazing services, work and kindness as well as Lilo, my artist, for the advice, work and genuine heart.

I highly recommend checking them out..oh and their amazing specials!