60 and fabulous,  That’s me!  And why not?  Why shouldn’t women of a certain age be fabulous!  In today’s society, all the magazines, fashion houses and fashion runways, make up all focus on the young and beautiful!  There are more of us. 

Ok it’s starting to go our way but still there’s the stigma, that youth sells and “mature” women (not sure if I like that title)  are not featured more in magazines etc.  Mind you lately it’s turning things around.  The more mature actresses, like Helen Mirren who is 70, Jane Fonda who is 76, are really putting the youngsters to shame!!!  Remember 60 is the new 40!! 

Women are looking better and better with age. We are being more and more celebrated because we do look good and we should show it. We don’t have to shut down our outer beauty because we are getting older.  It doesn’t mean because I’m 61 , I have to slow down and sit in a rocking chair, knitting.  No way!  We have one thing the young don’t have, experience and more knowledge – OK, two things. 

As the saying goes, wine is better with age., the older the better. Im 61, but sometimes, I don’t look it and I don’t act it either.  Why? Because I’m of a certain age, I should act more conservatively, demurely, matronly, motherly?  Don’t think so,  I remember my dad saying to me when I was in my late forties, “you will never grow up!”  I don’t think he meant it in a bad way, at least I hope he didn’t. 

I don’t see age. OK, when I look in the mirror, I see age. But inside I don’t a number to the way that I feel.  Older women today don’t look and don’t act like my mother’s time.  They were of a totally different culture and time.  Their concern was the home and family.  Today, not only home and family, but work outside the home, social events, going out with girlfriends, being an independent individual.  The emphasis these days is on ourselves.  We take care of ourselves.  Whether it be inwardly or outwardly.  Woman take care of themselves no matter what age. 

I’ll be the first to admit, I have been colouring my hair for years, but now I have come to the point of letting the grey grow out and embracing my natural look. I take care of my face, from waxing facial hair to using skin care products, to even a bit of botox (for my business of course, haha).  I like to have nice clothes that fit nicely and look good.  I feel good inside when I look good outside.  I notice my friends take care of themselves too and when I look at them and myself, I don’t think we look our age!!  And that makes us feel good too, it lifts our spirits and that’s healthy. 

So I’m on Instagram, doing my serious and my fun self and I don’t feel embarrassed putting myself out there and sometimes acting silly.  That’s me not my age!!! 

I say 60 and fabulous because I’m grateful to have reached this far in life and i will live life to the fullest.  I’m proud of every line and wrinkle, (ok the botox is for work, haha).  I’m happy with my curves and happy with myself! 

Many women as they age, try to re-package themselves in a sense of old wine in new bottles.  I prefer to see myself as a good Beaujolais maturing with age.