I’ve had lash extensions done here for a year, from full sets to refills. The professionalism, customer service and quality of work is always FLAWLESS and top notch — but today’s visit with Vesna, Maggie and Lyuba was particularly special.  

I had a set done elsewhere (awful idea) where my some of my natural lashes looked* absolutely destroyed with adhesive, and bothersome speckles of glue were stuck along my upper waterline. I booked a removal and new set at Coco (which is always a smooth process — I even got an email which outlined the details of my appointment — it’s the little things!). 

By the end of the removal process, my natural lashes were restored — no damage whatsoever and those glue speckles were completely gone. I was honestly shocked and of course, incredibly pleased. As for the new/full set, I am over the moon. I chose the hybrid set this time and it came out to the perfect balance of individual and volume lashes. I was so well taken care of and comfortable the entire time that I was able to take a nap… and woke up with stunning lashes.

Coco Beauty Bar is home to the work of goddesses. Thank you ladies!